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By focusing on patients first, we make sure you are getting the best possible medical care from providers who sincerely care about your wellness

- Dr. Cao


With his charming smile and upbeat personality, and over 25 years of experience, Dr. Michael Cao has become a leading voice and one of the most sought-after doctors in the field of Medicine and Wellness. Awarded one of the most prestigious honors, the Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors of the U.S and the Los Angeles Magazine Top Doctors Award to name a few.

As a former, Full-time Faculty Assistant Professor at USC Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Cao has been extensively published and served on editorial boards of peer-review medical journals. He has also been appointed an expert reviewer by the State of California Medical Board.

Uniquely qualified through his extensive body of work and care for his patients, Dr. Cao saw the need to help people achieve and maintain their wellness. As such he introduced Wellness to his practice, so that Everyone, not just distinguished patients, could enjoy the Top Industry Standards he has come to be known for.

Long-standing commitment to the community has always remained at the heart of his work. As a former Active Duty U.S. Air Force Veteran, Dr. Cao has been awarded the U.S Air Force Aerial Achievement Medal, Commendation Medal, and the Meritorious Medal, while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, he is a Speaker of the Assembly Appointee, on the State Bar of California, Committee of Bar Examiners. He serves as a City Commissioner on the Senior Citizen Commission.


Dr. Cao remains an active pillar of civil service, looking to continue to improve the wellness of the community members, through his commitment to excellence and compassionate care.

Meet Dr. Cao
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Our team of seasoned and experienced professionals pride

themselves on their incredible work

ethic and compassionate care.

Serving the Greater Los Angeles

Area and San Gabriel Valley, we are

here to serve the community and

their needs in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and Cambodian.

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